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Nikolay Kornev

D.SC., Prof., Head of Mathematical Simulation in Engineering Department (University of Rostock Germany), D.Sc., Professor. Expert in fluid mechanics, turbulence theory, heat & mass exchange and computational methods.

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1. Articles

Kornev N. Hybrid Method Based on Embedded Coupled Simulation of Vortex Particles in Grid Based Solution // Computational Particle Mechanics. – Vol. 5(3). – Pp. 269–283.

Feder D., Dhone M., Kornev N. & Abdel Maksoud M. Comparison of Different Approaches Tracking a Wing-tip Vortex // Ocean Engineering. – Vol. 147. – Pp. 659–675.

Kasper R., Deponte H., Michel A., Augustin W., Turnow J., Scholl S. & Kornev N. Numerical investigation of the interaction between local flow structures and particulate fouling on structured heat transfer surfaces // International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. – Vol.71. – Pp. 68–79.

Kröger H., Kornev N. Generation of Divergence Free Synthetic Inflow Turbulence with Arbitrary Anisotropy // Computer & Fluids. – Vol. 165. – Pp. 78–88.

Kasper R., Turnow J., & Kornev N. Numerical modeling and simulation of particulate fouling of structured heat transfer surfaces using a multiphase Euler-Lagrange approach // International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. – Vol. 115. – Pp. 932–945.

Kornev N. Abbas N. Vorticity Structures and Turbulence in the Wake of Full Block Ships // Journal of Marine Science and Technology. –

Shevchuk I., Kornev N. Improved version of LeMos Hybrid Model for Ambiguous Grid Densities // International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. – Vol. 10(3). – Pp. 270–281.

Shevchuk I., Kornev N. A study of unsteady hydrodynamic effects in the stern area of river cruisers in shallow water // Ship Technology Research. – Vol. 64. – Issue 2. – Pp. 87–105.

Richter O., Turnow J., Kornev N., Hassel E. Numerical simulation of casting processes: coupled mould filling and solidification using VOF and enthalpy-porosity method // Heat and Mass Transfer. – 2016 – 53(6). – Pp. 1957–1969.

Turnow J, Kewitz R., Knochenhauer R. & Kornev N. Coupling of human thermoregulation and URANS computation for investigation of local heat transfer and flow structures in a generic car cabin. Flow // Turbulence and Combustion. – 2016. – Vol. 97(4). –Pp. 1281–1296.

Kornev N. Abbas N. Numerical Simulation of the Tip Vortex Behind a Wing Oscillated with a Small Amplitude // Journal of Aircraft. – 2016. – Vol. 54, No. 2 (2017). – Pp. 831–837.

Krüger C., Kornev N. Influence of Propeller Tip Roughness on Tip Vortex Cavitation and Propeller Performance // Ship Technology Research. – 2016. – Pp. 110–120.

Abbas N., Kornev N. Study of unsteady loadings on the propeller under steady drift and yaw motion using URANS, hybrid (URANS-LES) and LES methods // Ship Technology Research. – 2016. – Vol. 63. – Issue 2. – Pp. 121–131.

Abbas N., Kornev N. Validation of hybrid URANS/LES methods for determination of forces and wake parameters of KVLCC2 tanker at maneuvering conditions // Ship Technology Research. – 2016. – Vol. 63. – Issue 2. – Pp. 96–109.

Chorny A., Zhdanov V., Kornev N. (). Correlation of velocity and scalar fields in confined jet flows // Heat Transfer Research. – 2016. – Vol. 47(10). – Pp. 963–973.

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