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Appeals procedure

In case of any corrections recommended by referees the manuscript revised, by the author along with a cover letter containing author’s clarifications have to be submitted to the editorial board for repeated reviewing (at the address of Head of Information & Publishing Centre Svetlana N. Korchagina:

The cover letter is to be prepared along the following lines:

1. Each query of the reviewer should be answered.‎ 

2. Queries should be answered in the same order as put in the reviewer report.‎ First, the query is quoted as it is (highlighted with color or font), then comes the author’s answer.‎ In case of disagreement with the reviewer’s opinion, the author should give a well-grounded response.‎

3. All corrections in the revised manuscript should be marked (reference page and line numbers to be given), it is allowed not to mark stylistic text revisions having no meaningful implications.

The deadline for answering reviewer’s comments and introducing corrections into manuscripts should not exceed 2 to 4 weeks. Otherwise, the revised paper will be treated as a newly submitted paper.

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ISSN (print) 2542-2324 / ISSN (online) 2618-8244

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