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Aim and scopes

The purpose of the journal is to publish and disseminate the results of advanced research studies related to shipbuilding, including full-scale and model experimental data. The journal is envisioned as an international platform for publications which are expected to promote the shipbuilding science and engineering progress as well as to spread the word about unique developments in this field. In addition to covering unique research studies the journal is publishing state-of-the art reviews and scientific papers. All papers are peer reviewed.

Scope of topics:

  • Ship theory and fluid mechanics including design and operation of propulsors.
  • Ship structural mechanics. Statics and dynamics of ship structures, global and local strength, structural materials and structure diagnostics.
  • Design of ships, vessels, offshore platforms and marine facilities.
  • Ship power plants. Theoretical and applied issues in development, implementation and operation of all types of ship powering and electric systems and equipment.
  • Nuclear and radiation safety of ships, marine structures and sea environment.
  • Physical fields of ships and marine structures including acoustic, electromagnetic and geophysical signatures. Ship electrodynamics, management of magnetic, electric, radar, infra-red and laser signatures. Ship acoustics: noise and vibration control and reduction tools.
  • Survivability, fire safety and ergonomics of marine vessels.
  • Life-cycle operation and maintenance of ships and vessels.
  • Applied and forward-looking research studies related to offshore developments including Arctic shelf. Offshore oil & gas field logistics, ice technologies.
  • Standardization, unification, certification and coding of equipment and materials, product cataloguing, metrological support, specialization and cooperative production in shipbuilding industry.
  • Shipbuilding industry economics. Shipbuilding development strategy and programs.

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ISSN (print) 2542-2324 / ISSN (online) 2618-8244

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